Ph.D. in the Science of Advanced Materials

Minimum total for graduation: 60 hours
The science of materials combines elements of chemistry, physics and engineering, and requires a solid background in mathematics. The CMU Science of Advanced Materials (SAM) Ph.D. program is designed to create a correspondingly interdisciplinary environment that will train effective researchers without erecting artificial boundaries between disciplines. The formal coursework focuses on the scientific framework for studying materials and is organized around the themes of modeling, synthesis and characterization. These are the key methodologies employed in materials research and the SAM program emphasizes the synergy among them.


The SAM program is designed as a research-intensive program, with a core of interdisciplinary courses on the science of materials. Electives and courses on specialized topics are available through Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and other departments.

Learn more about how you can benefit from the Science of Advanced Materials program at Central Michigan University, please contact:

Jessica Lapp
Program Coordinator, Science of Advanced Materials