Accommodating Students with Disabilities

​Welcome to the Accommodating Students with Disabilities (ASD) training page

To take this training, click on the link below, and follow these instructions to ensure that we have a record of your completion of this training.

Step 1: If it is your first time visiting the web site, you will need to use the "Sign up now" link.
    • ​User name: use your Global ID
    • Password: you can use your regular password or create a different one 
    • Key: use cmu 
    • Additional info: enter your first and last name. The rest is optional and helps the creators of this training with research and demographic information.
    • Click on the Submit Information button at the bottom.
​​Step 2: Complete the pretest and post test options to ensure you are credited with having completed the full training.

Step 3: The program takes about 45 minutes to an hour and is self-paced. You can stop and log off, and the program will retain what you've already completed. The next time you log in, you can simply enter your Global ID, password, and cmu for the key to re-enter.

Step 4: If you have any problems in taking this training, or for further resources on this topic, please refer to Student Disabilities Services (x3018 or by e-mail at

Please note: In collaboration with the Accessibility and Disability Advisory Council (ADAC), the Provost and Deans have supported completion of the ASD online program. Two reasons stand out: 
  1. We want to serve each of our students equally well. 
  2. Recent lawsuits by or on behalf of students with disabilities have identified individual faculty as defendants, thereby creating the potential for individual liability. 
Thus, it is important that all faculty members know how to consider and respond to situations where a student disability must be accommodated. For this reason, attendance is being tracked, and periodic reports will be sent to the Deans showing who has completed the training.

One way that demonstrates due diligence in relation to working with a student with a disability is to show that you have taken specific measures to inform yourself about what the law requires of you. The ASD online education program affords this opportunity.

Thank you for exercising due diligence and best teaching practices with all of our students. Please do not hesitate to contact Student Disability Services at x3018 or via e-mail at​ with any questions that you may have.