Disability Training Initiative


The Disability Training Initiative began in the summer of 2010 for the purpose of informing all CMU staff and faculty about the laws, regulations and liability issues involved in meeting the needs of students, staff or visitors who are disabled. For example, did you know that if an accommodation request is mishandled you may be individually liable and subject to a lawsuit?

Two Training Options

This website hosts two different online training options which will allow you to get the information you need and record the fact that you have received this information. There is a faculty training site which focuses on meeting the needs of students in the classroom who may have an identified disability. There is also a training site for staff and student workers that focuses on meeting the needs of faculty or staff that may have a disability. It also provides information concerning visitors who may need an accommodation, and may come to campus for an educational, entertainment, or sporting event.

​You May Need Both...

Please note that you may be in a position where you should take both of these trainings. For example, if you teach one or more classes on the campus and are also responsible for hiring staff, or working with staff, faculty, or visitors in other capacities, you will find important information in both of these trainings.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, so that you may be in a better position to serve others, and also to reduce the liability risk, both as an organization, and for you as an individual​.​