Workplace Accommodation Training for Staff and Student Workers

There are three simple steps to completing this training:

Step 1: Click on this li​n​k​ and print out the manual for this training. It has blanks for you to complete as you watch the training video.

Step 2: Click on this l​ink to watch the video, which is 41 minutes in length, and complete the blanks in the manual as you go.

Step 3: Click on this link to complete a very brief post test on Survey Monkey to confirm your participation in the training (it is only 5 multiple choice questions and is open book).
If you have specific questions or difficulties in taking this training, please contact Professional Development Programs at x1075 or by e-mail at​.

Please note: In collaboration with the Accessibility and Disability Advisory Council (ADAC), the President and Senior Officers have supported completion of this Workplace Accommodation Training. Two reasons stand out: 
  1. We want to serve everyone at CMU equally well. 
  2. Recent lawsuits have identified individuals, as well as institutions, as defendants, thereby creating the potential for individual liability. 
Thus, it is important that everyone on campus knows how to respond to situations where disabilities must be accommodated. For this reason, attendance is being tracked, and periodic reports will be sent to the appropriate Senior Officers showing who has completed the training.

One way that demonstrates due diligence in relation to working with people with disabilities is to show that you have taken specific measures to inform yourself about what the law requires of you. This online education program affords this opportunity.

Thank you for exercising due diligence and best practices with everyone on campus. Please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate Accommodation Coordinator with any questions you may have.  (You will learn who your Accommodation Coordinators are in the training.)