Committee Charge and Members

Committee Charge

The ERC is responsible for providing oversight, guidance, and coordination of university-wide efforts to identify, assess, and reduce risks that jeopardize life and safety of individuals, and assets, operations, reputation, and legal interests of the institution. In fulfilling its oversight responsibility, the ERC assists the administrators who have responsibility in managing risks within their assigned area, in terms of monitoring risk mitigation strategies and marshaling sufficient organizational support. The ERC advises university senior leadership concerning strategic risks to the institution and coordinates the presentation of an annual status report each September to the Board of Trustees.



  • Mary Schutten, Executive Vice President & Provost
  • Nicholas Long, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services

Committee Members

  • David Weindorf, Vice President for Research & Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Ray Christie, Senior Vice Provost, Academic Administration
  • Mary Moran Hill, Associate Vice President, Financial Services & Reporting/Controller
  • Jennifer DeHaemers, Vice President, Student Recruitment & Retention
  • James Bujaki, Vice President, Information Technology/Chief Information Officer
  • John Danner, General Counsel
  • Beth Timmerman, Director, Internal Audit (ex-officio)
  • Tom Weirich, Faculty, School of Accounting
  • Larry Klaus, Chief of Police
  • Benjamin Coffman, Director/Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety