Biosciences Building

Construction of CMU's Biosciences Building – the largest capital project ever in CMU’s 120-plus year history – will conclude Sept. 2 as crews prepare the facility for classes and research to begin in January 2017.

Clark Construction Co. employees have been working with Stantec Inc. architects since 2014 in completing the construction of the four-story, 169,000-square-foot building. It was designed to address escalating student demand and dramatically improve the quality and quantity of instructional learning and scientific research space.

The Biosciences Building will serve students and faculty in the biological sciences disciplines from molecular biology and biochemistry to organismal biology and ecology, house 40 research-active faculty members, and provide space for classrooms and laboratories. Over the last decade undergraduate majors have increased 210 percent, tenure-track faculty have increased 71 percent and external grant funding has increased more than tenfold.

Specialty research facilities will include:

  • an equipment storage, staging and sample-processing storage area for ecological fieldwork;
  • Biosafety Level 3 laboratory to research infectious diseases;
  • isotope laboratory;
  • imaging center for scanning and transmission electron microscopes and other microscopes and imaging equipment;
  • herbarium; and
  • vivarium to replicate aquatic conditions for research.

Students will be able to start taking classes in the new building beginning January 2017.

  • Cost: $95 million
  • Completion date: September 2016​