Construction Update - June 18

Big thinking. Big Progress.

Don't forget to bookmark the CMU summer construction website​ for special updates and announcements, including traffic detours.

Biosciences Building — the $95 million building is the largest capital project ever in CMU's 120-plus year history. The four-story, 158,000-square-foot building will address escalating student demand and dramatically improve the quality and quantity of instructional learning and scientific research space.

  • The demolition of Washington Apartments will continue into early July.
  • Fencing continues to be installed around the construction site.

Grawn Hall Bloomberg Terminal Room — a state-of-the-art financial trading floor, complete with Bloomberg terminals:

  • Drywall installation will occur during the next week and then painting will begin.
  • Openings are being cut in the floor for power and data connections.

Dow Active-Learning Classrooms — improved teaching and learning facilities where faculty serve as coaches while students spend class time problem solving:

  • Drywall work continues.
  • Lab benches will be reinstalled in the chemistry prep room this week.
  • Work on mechanical ductwork is beginning while electrical work continues.

Moore Hall room improvements — a project upgrading two classrooms and two auditoriums:

  • Rooms 203 and 206 have been painted.
  • New emergency, exit and ceiling lights are being installed to enhance brightness and reduce energy useage in lecture rooms 101 and 105.

CMED East Campus education building

  • Progress continues on the $25 million College of Medicine education building in Saginaw.
  • Exterior brick veneer is being installed and a new parking lot is being constructed.
  • Summer work focuses on enclosing the building and roughing in interior spaces.