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Print Coursepacks

Welcome to the print coursepacks request page for on-campus faculty. At CMU, the production and sale of print coursepacks is handled by the CMU Bookstore. Please read the guidelines below before completing the online request forms.

  1. Coursepacks are to be used for required class materials.
  2. Copyright permission is required every time an item is included in a coursepack. There is no first-time, fair use waiver with coursepacks.
  3. Coursepacks that do not include copyrighted materials (such as cartoons, articles, and book excerpts) may be dropped off at CMU Printing Services or any at copy center affiliated with Printing Services. Instructors will be asked to sign a statement confirming that no copyrighted materials are included in the coursepack.
  4. The CMU Bookstore, located in the Bovee University Center, will
    • Obtain copyright clearance for all items, either through the Copyright Clearance Center or by contacting copyright holders directly.
    • Provide the required statement of copyright on the first page of each item.
  5. You must fill out the Requestor Information Form as well as the copyright forms if this is a new request. If you are re-using material from a previous semester, you simply need to complete the Requestor Information Form.
  6. For best results, please submit coursepack requests ten weeks prior to the start of class.
  7. If usage permission is denied or the copyright holder cannot be located, an item will not be included in the coursepack. Copyright clearance for a substitute item may be requested.
  8. All coursepacks will be sold through the CMU Bookstore. This allows students to apply the charge to their financial aid accounts.
  9. If a substitute professor is brought in to teach a course, the substitute professor will be asked to use the coursepack created by the original professor.

If you wish to assemble a coursepack or have any questions about this, please contact Chris Seymour in the Bookstore at or (989) 774-1584.