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Audiovisual Works

Using Audio-Visual Materials

Lawfully made or purchased videotapes or DVDs may be shown in the face-to-face classroom when the purpose of the performance or display is educational. Material labeled “Home Use Only” may be shown in a classroom as long as it is for educational purposes.

According to the TEACH Act, only "reasonable and limited" portions of VHS and DVD audiovisual works may be digitized and streamed for the online classroom. An exception to this may be stated in the license agreement that CMU has with the work's vendor. See the Using Copyrighted Works -- In the Online Class section for more information on this.

A videotape or DVD may not be shown publicly (i.e. to an uncontrolled group and outside of the classroom) without first obtaining permission from the copyright holder.

These guidelines only define the limits of acceptable use. If you wish to use material beyond the scope mentioned above you may do so, but you will first need to obtain permission from the copyright holder. If you need assistance obtaining permission, contact the Course Reserves and Copyright Services office.