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Copying for the Online Class

The guidelines below define the standards for educational fair use when using copyrighted materials in the online classroom..

  • Access to the material is limited to the students enrolled in the class.
  • Access to the materials must be disabled at the end of the class term.
  • A faculty member may retain a copy of an item if it will be used in subsequent semesters, but that copy must be securely stored and made available in accordance with the two points above.
  • The TEACH Act allows for the digitization and streaming of "reasonable and limited" portions of VHS and DVD content in the online classroom. Digitizing an entire VHS/DVD will require permission from the distributor.
  • The materials transmitted in the online classroom may not replace a textbook, course pack, or electronic reserves.
  • If you wish to share entire works (such as a journal article or book chapter) you may do so by placing the item on electronic course reserve.

If you wish to use material beyond the scope mentioned above please contact the Course Reserves and Copyright Services office.