Buildings and Services

Cleaning and disinfection of classrooms

Campus Dining

Face masks or coverings will be required at all retail dining operations, and customers will be asked to comply with floor markings/stickers to ensure proper social distancing. In addition, all retail dining operations are mostly touch-free for customers. Once payment has been made, please practice social distancing while waiting to pick up your order. When picking up food or beverages, please make certain to touch only your own items. Seating in all campus dining areas has been reduced to comply with appropriate state and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

CMU Bookstore

All patrons visiting the CMU Bookstore, located in the Bovee University Center, are required to wear a face mask or covering. Follow directional signage, and stand on decals signifying 6 feet of distance from the person in front and behind while in line. Store capacity is reduced, per state of Michigan and CDC guidelines.

CMU Vehicles

To maintain social distancing, it is recommended to have only one person per CMU vehicle. If more than one person is required to travel in a CMU vehicle to complete assigned work, the following conditions must be met with supervisor approval:

  • Maximum two people per vehicle.
  • Both passengers must wear a face covering.
  • The passenger should sit in the back seat when possible.
  • Open windows.
  • Clean and sanitize the vehicle after use.

Building Coordinators

CMU building coordinators serve as a communication link and liaison between Facilities Management and other CMU service departments for faculty, staff and students in their respective buildings.

The building coordinator is the primary contact person for communicating maintenance, building emergencies, cleaning and custodial services, and moving and delivery. They also can guide building occupants to the latest CMU COVID-19 guidance, assist in providing cleaning supplies and communicate requests for additional support related to COVID-19.

To find your building coordinator, please visit the facilities operations list of building coordinators.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Common areas are cleaned daily by custodial staff, with enhanced cleaning and disinfection of touch points based on CDC guidance. Cleaning supplies may be signed out and returned to the building coordinator for areas requiring additional cleaning. Cleaning supplies are available in each classroom for faculty and students who choose to clean their chairs and desks between classes.

The Office of Laboratory and Field Safety has developed guidelines that can be found on the Office of Research and Graduate Studies website for cleaning and disinfecting laboratories and studio spaces.

Hand-sanitizer stations are available at main building entrances and outside classrooms.

Personal Disinfection

Per CDC guidelines, routine cleaning and disinfecting are an important part of reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Normal routine cleaning can reduce risk of exposure and is a necessary step before disinfecting surfaces.

CMU custodial staff routinely clean workspaces, classrooms and public spaces. Additionally, surfaces frequently touched by multiple people, such as door handles, handrails, light switches and faucets, will be cleaned and disinfected more frequently.

The CDC also recommends individuals wipe down all living, studying, working and eating areas before you leave any room in which you have been working or eating. This includes a private workspace or any shared-space location or equipment (for example, computers, audiovisual and other electrical equipment, copiers, desks and tables, chair arms, light switches, doorknobs, handles, etc.). To the best of your ability, you should clear desk and table surfaces in personal offices and workstations to aid in thorough cleaning. Using a hand sanitizer also is effective after contact with commonly used surfaces.

Using Elevators

Practice social distancing when using an elevator. Limit the number of people in the elevator, and wear a mask or face covering. When you exit the elevator, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. CMU custodians will wipe down elevator buttons frequently throughout the day.