Classes & Academics

Faculty member teacking in classroom with mask
Academics, research and creative activities are fully back on campus this fall. To protect the health and safety of our campus and community, everyone is asked to follow these guidelines.

Fall 2021 Calendar

August 30 — Classes begin for Fall 2021
Sept. 6 — Labor Day – no classes, university offices closed
Oct. 11-12 — Fall wellness break — no classes, university offices remain open
Nov. 24-28 — Thanksgiving break – begins at 5 p.m. on Nov. 24
Dec. 11 — Classes end for Fall 2021
Dec. 13-17 — Exam week
Dec. 18 — Semester ends

Find the full 2021-22 academic calendar on the Academic Calendar webpage.

Health and safety in the classroom

Due to rising cases of the delta variant of COVID-19 and low regional vaccination rates, CMU requires everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask or face covering in all classrooms, labs and other instructional spaces at least through the end of September. The university will continue to closely monitor and assess the situation and will communicate any policy changes to the university community.

Class types

This fall, CMU is offering four different educational delivery modes in addition to traditional in-person classroom and lab sections.

Courses are fully online and require students and faculty to participate during specific meeting days/times.
Courses are fully online with no specific meeting days/times. Students do not have to meet for the online class at a certain time. Instead, the instructor posts assignments in an online learning portal, and students read instructions posted, like reading certain chapters or articles. Students might also then be asked to complete assignments by a certain deadline.
HyFlex allows students to attend in-person classes or participate in the live class through a synchronous online session. Use of HyFlex could mean, for example, that some students attend class in person one day and remotely the next class session based on direction from their instructor. Or a student could choose to participate in class by sitting in a classroom on campus, or to attend that same class, at the same time, remotely from another location. Students are strongly encouraged to attend in the classroom whenever possible.
Courses have some face-to-face time and a mixture of synchronous and/or asynchronous meetings. Some parts of the course require all students to be face to face for class meetings, while other meetings are held either by synchronous online instruction (for example, an instructor teaches from home or an office and speaks to students live through online audio or video conferencing, like a Zoom meeting), or the students would have online asynchronous instruction.

Resources for Students

Student payments and financial aid

  • For information about your account and for questions about billing, please contact Student Account Services and University Billing. Call 989-774-3618 or email
  • For information about financial aid and scholarships, please visit the Scholarships and Financial Aid website.

Academic support

Study abroad

Study abroad programs remain cancelled for Fall 2021, but you can still learn about study abroad programs and schedule a meeting with a study abroad advisor by visiting the CMU Study Abroad webpage. Decisions about Spring 2022 study abroad will be announced later this year.

Information for international students

CMU's Office of Global Engagement actively monitors updates to immigration regulations, visa processing and travel restrictions that may impact our international students and scholars. International students who have questions about the fall semester can visit the Office of Global Engagement's Frequently Asked Questions page.

Resources for faculty

Technology support

The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support offers many tools and resources for faculty.

Contact the Office of Information Technology for technical assistance.

Procedure for students returning to class

Faculty and staff, if Student Affairs informs you that a student in isolation or quarantine is medically cleared to resume regular activities and return to classes, know that Student Affairs has worked with CMU Health Services to make that determination.

Please note: Faculty or staff should not contact Health Services or Student Affairs to “verify” the medical sufficiency of a return-to-class note from Student Affairs or the date upon which the return slip is effective. Such verification requests are redundant and create a bottleneck of vital staff resources dedicated to other critical activity.


Please contact the Office of Research and Graduate Studies for specific questions related to research, lab and field safety, and other concerns.