Kameel Stanley


About Kameel

    Major: Journalism

    Graduated in 3 1/2 years:
    "It was never my intention to get out super fast. It just worked out that way."

    She's reporting for the St. Petersburg Times - the site of one of her four internships throughout college. Others were at the Jackson Citizen-Patriot, the Grand Rapids Press and The Washington Post.

    The prestigious Lem Tucker Journalism Scholarship, a full-ride scholarship promoting the participation and success of minorities in print and electronic media awarded annually at the Lem Tucker Journalism Scholarship and Media Leadership Speaker Series in Detroit.

    Why it's special:
    "You have a silent cheering section rooting for you. Everyone doesn't get that, and I know that. It helps me stay grounded and motivates me personally."

    Most admires:
    "My mom. She knew she was molding us, and she took that job very seriously. She made us go out there and use our brains and be imaginative and figure things out."

    Mom's wisdom:
    "Be flexible. If an opportunity comes up, take it. And when you get good advice, take it."

    Also known as:
    "I was so nosy, my sister nicknamed me ‘Corn and Potatoes.' It means ears and eyes."

    About her career choice:
    "If I could get paid for being nosy and writing about it - hey, sounded like a pretty good gig to me."

    One memorable story:
    She was sent to interview the family of a man who was killed in a hit-and-run. "They wanted to share their loved one's life with me. It was a time when I knew how important journalism could be. It really stuck with me."

    For more about the Lem Tucker Journalism Scholarship or the related event, see www.ccfa.cmich.edu/ltucker.