Mara D'Amico

About Mara

    Hometown: I'm from Kentwood, MI

    High School: 
    East Kentwood High School

    International Business; minor in Spanish

    How I Ended Up At CMU:
    I applied to CMU as a backup. I came to visit and really enjoyed the tour and the beautiful campus. I was also accepted at University of Michigan, Loyola University of Chicago, and Boston University. I chose Central when I was awarded the Centralis Scholarship to pay for my tuition. I was unable t​​o afford the other schools for undergraduate studies, though I visited them all and seriously considered Loyola University. Looking back, I am positive this was the right decision. I love CMU and I am proud to be a Chippewa!

    Favorite Professor and why:
    Phame Camarena in the HEV department. He was my professor for HON120, a 6-credit course on the individual in modern society. He has a clear passion for education and learning, and brought excitement to the class everyday. He fostered a positive learning environment, which spurred many life-changing decisions in me while in that class. We have continued to keep in contact and he now serves as a mentor figure for me.

    Favorite Thing to Do On Campus:
    As a Resident Assistant on campus, I really enjoy spending time with the people who live in my hall. My favorite thing to do is to spend time with my friends in the hall watching movies, chatting about life, or eating meals together in the residential restaurants.

    Scholarship Experience (how it impacted you):
    With the scholarships I have been awarded through the College of Business Administration, the Honors Program, and other departments on campus, I have had the opportunity to travel to six different countries for both study abroad and service learning experiences. I have been able to participate in and site lead a variety of Alternative Breaks, traveling the country and the world to do strong direct service and become an active citizen. I have had the opportunity to take a variety of courses that would not have been an option without the Centralis Scholarship. I know that many of these experiences would not have been possible without the generous financial assistance I have received from these scholarships and awards, and I am so grateful for that.

    Career Ambitions:
    With my major in International Business and minor in Spanish, I hope to have a career in management in the nonprofit sector. I am a strong believer in using one's talents and education to make a positive impact on society. I am deeply passionate about the issues of poverty alleviation and equality in our country and the world, and I am confident that a career with a strong organization working to fight these issues will be both fulfilling and inspiring.

    Why I Believe Giving Back is Important:
    Giving back is so necessary because the playing field in a university is so uneven. Each person has a different story and comes from a different background, and for some it is difficult just to buy textbooks. With the scholarships and awards that are available, people who are deserving and in need can have some opportunities that would have not been an option before. Especially in these tough economic times, those who are able to lend a hand to others should know what a huge difference they are making in the life of a student at CMU. ​​​​​