Chad Bukowski


About Chad

  • Hometown:Bridgeport, MI
  • Major:Secondary Education - Middle School Math

How I Ended Up At CMU: I was born and raised in Bridgeport, MI where I lived with my mom and ten brothers and sisters. My parents divorced when I was three, and my father passed away from a heart attack when I was ten. Through out high school I did what I could to focus on school and keep a job. I was determined to go to college so I started taking classes at Delta College where I attained my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. I knew if I were able to complete my Associates Degree at Delta College I would then have a great start in completing my degree in teaching at CMU. I am now at CMU taking 20 credits to finish my program by December of 2010.

Favorite Professor and why: As I progressed through my classes in college I have had various types of professors but one stands out as my favorite. Her name is Dr. Norma Bailey. She is the Middle Level professor here at Central Michigan University and has been for many years. I chose Professor Bailey because of her passion and professionalism in everything she does. She is a leader in teaching future Middle Level teachers the skills to better understand the students and teach to their strengths. She comes to class everyday with the enthusiasm and drive to help the students become very successful professional leaders in the education world. I feel that I am now prepared better than I had ever thought possible to be a leader in the classroom and out. Norma Bailey taught us to be passionate teachers who believe in student success. I now can say I believe.

Favorite Thing to Do On Campus: In my spare time here at Central Michigan University I really enjoy running, especially around campus. It helps me to relax and exercise. I am an avid runner who loves to get together with friends and run every chance I can get especially on campus. The beautiful scenery here at CMU helps to distract me with its beauty during my 20-mile workouts.

Scholarship Experience (how it impacted you): I grew up with many siblings, which made it hard to be financially secure. Having so many people to support wasn't easy but I made it. As I progressed through my years in college it seems as though it was a never-ending pile of bills with no money to pay them. I have always struggled with money growing up in a large family knowing that helping to support them was more important than building a savings account. As my high school graduation date approached I knew I had to make a decision about my future. I knew I wanted to go to a big university but couldn't afford it so I worked full time while attending Delta College to try to save some money as well as progress my education. After two and a half years at Delta College I received my Associates Degree. This allowed me to finally go to Central Michigan University to pursue my teaching degree. I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for CMU so I sought out getting more student loans and to get a job. I figured out my financial situation and realized I needed to work two jobs in order to pay my bills. I really struggled to pay my bills as well as take classes but I knew it had to be done. When I received this scholarship I couldn't have been happier knowing that I could finally work less and focus more on my classes. I can honestly say that this scholarship has helped me to become a better student in giving having less stress from work and more opportunity to enjoy my time here at Central Michigan University.

Career Ambitions: As I develop and grow as a teacher I want to complete my master's degree within two years of completing my Bachelors degree in teaching. By obtaining a Masters degree I would then be able to further my knowledge and leadership skills to better aid my students and fellow teachers. I would also like to coach for my schools cross-country and track programs.

Why I Believe Giving Back is Important: I believe that giving back is important because without the help of someone else giving back I wouldn't be where I am today. As people are given a chance to live their dream I believe that it's like a spark, the more opportunities present the more the sparks will spread and catch fire. Without that initial spark they wouldn't be able to succeed in this world. When given my scholarship I realized that this was my spark and I didn't want to waste the opportunity. When given the Women's Connection Award Scholarship I realized how lucky I was but also how many other people were in need of help. Knowing that I feel that it is my duty to repay the generosity that has been blessed upon me by giving back to someone else who is in need. I also feel that everyone who encounters others in need should step up and help them because everyone deserves a chance to follow their dreams no matter where they are at in their life. By giving someone else a chance to succeed you not only help them but indirectly help others by setting an example for others to follow. I believe that now more than ever we need those good examples of giving back in order to help each other reach our goals in life.

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