Naming Opportunities
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By lending your name, the name of another individual, group, or business, you become a part of the strong tradition that is Central Michigan University. Named programs offer significant support for endowed student scholarships, faculty research, creative endeavors, or even construction or furnishing of a university building. Named programs at Central Michigan University give special honor to the person or group for whom the program is named, as well as to CMU. Consider naming an Annual Program or establish an Endowed Program that will exist for all time. Naming Buildings or even rooms within buildings on campus is a very visible and lasting way to leave a legacy of support.

Consider a number of options and benefits when establishing a named program at CMU. Click here to learn more about Ways of Giving that benefit you, the donor.

Click here for a complete list of CMU Board of Trustees Development Fund, Alumni Association and Gift Policies.​​​​​​​​​​​