Andrew Saleh
Andrew Saleh

Social Work and Sociology

Hometown: Shelby Township, Mich.

Meet Andrew, who is finishing his senior year in CMU’s undergraduate social work and sociology programs and currently is a mentor for College 101. He has a real passion for helping prepare middle and high school students for college.

Andrew knows the social work field is the right place for him. He is confident his education and many volunteer hours have prepared him to enter the workforce and fulfill his goal of working with Child Protective Services and family counseling.

Out-of-the-box thinking. “My social work courses and similar opportunities challenged me to think in a more in-depth fashion. They gave me the opportunity to challenge social norms and develop the skillset to create positive change.”

Hands-on learning. “CMU’s social work program has done a phenomenal job of preparing me for my future career. CMU also has provided me with many volunteer opportunities that helped me develop my skills for the future.”

Applicable advice. “If you want the opportunity to grow and develop, as well as find your passion, CMU is the place for you.”



CMU knows learning is more than child’s play

Highlights of CMU’s social work and sociology programs include:

  • The social work program is an accredited four-year degree that guides students toward a professional license in Michigan.
  • The sociology major’s social and criminal justice concentration is the only one in Michigan to have a community-based justice orientation.
  • A youth studies concentration in sociology is one of six such programs in America.

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