Emily Wahls
Emily Wahls

Meteorology Program

Hometown: Port Huron, Mich.

Meet Emily, meteorologist for News Central 34. Emily is a meteorology major with the ultimate goal to become a chief meteorologist in a top 50 television market.

Emily says her experience with CMU’s News Central 34 has given her the opportunity to develop essential communication skills to prepare her for the world of media. “News Central 34 has given me the opportunity to see into the world of broadcasting and help build my experience before being turned loose into the TV business.”

I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Port Huron anymore. “I got to see a tornado when I was much younger. Since then, I’ve been so intrigued by weather. That passion and curiosity led me to study meteorology at CMU.”

Taking the big leagues by storm. “The knowledge I've gained has given me the tools I need to be a credible and reliable meteorologist. My participation with News Central 34 has allowed me to utilize this knowledge as well as develop important communication skills needed in the world of media.”

No place like home. “During my years here at CMU, I've been fortunate enough to meet friends who have become like family, and above all else, I've built a foundation for a successful future doing what I love.”

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CMU has engaged learning down to a science

Highlights of CMU science degrees include:

  • CMU is the only university in Michigan offering an undergraduate degree in meteorology.
  • Professional development, resources, and contacts through student organizations such as the Mid-Michigan Meteorological Society and the American Meteorological Society
  • Opportunities in the Science and Technology Residential College to live and learn with students who share your interests in science and technology​

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