Joe Shaheen
Joe Shaheen


Hometown: Flushing, Mich.

Meet Joe, an entrepreneurship major who won a $30,000 prize in CMU’s 2013 ​New Venture Competition. Joe was raised in a family of entrepreneurs; winning the biggest prize of an entrepreneurship competition with his two teammates was a dream come true.

Entrepreneurship was the only major Joe was interested in when he began his college career. “I can’t imagine myself working for anyone else. The entrepreneurship program here is the reason I chose CMU.”

Not afraid to dream big. “To be an entrepreneur, you have to have the mindset to work harder than a lot of people will to achieve something you’re passionate about.”

Finding a niche in his education. “Entrepreneurship classes are directly related to the field. The professors, who have a background in entrepreneurship, teach you from experience instead of just a textbook.”

Branded for success. “A lot of people have never had the opportunity to pitch an idea to investors. To get that experience and possibly win an award is an unreal experience.”

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CMU students pitching toward a bright future

Highlights of CMU's Entrepreneurship program include:

  • ​Hands-on professional training opportunities through the LaBelle Entrepreneurial Center and other on-campus resources
  • Involved faculty entrepreneurs who have had personal experience operating small businesses
  • Small-business resources and contacts through Students in Free Enterprise and other student and professional organizations

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