John Lennon


Secondary Education Major

Hometown: Grayling, Mich.

Meet John, a summer 2013 Leadership Safari core guide. Leadership Safari is a student-run 5-day program that brings incoming freshmen and transfer students together for individual and group activities. It is designed to help build a community for its participants so they can better adjust to CMU's campus and the college lifestyle before the semester begins.

John is a secondary education student with a major in English, so being involved in a program where he works directly with young students is a natural fit. "It gives me the opportunity to work in a small group setting similar to what I might be in someday as a teacher. Seeing the transformation of these students from high school seniors to incoming freshmen shows me how I need to help my future students as they transition into life at college."

Starting out on the right foot. "For me, Leadership Safari was life changing. I was timid as a freshman when I came in. I would not be as involved on campus were it not for Safari. I would say it's the No. 1

Finding your fit. "You get a good feel of what there is to do on campus. All of our guides are involved in other groups on campus, whether it's Gre​ek Life or otherwise, so you get a look at what you may want to get involved in at CMU."

In this together. "The most rewarding moments are on that last day when you say goodbye. It's always bittersweet, but you get to see that you've been a positive role model for them. It's really powerful to see that you've made a difference."

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​CMU students leading the tour

Highlights of the Leadership Safari program include:

  • Leadership Safari provides an opportunity for students to learn how to be academically successful at CMU and demonstrates how involvement in campus activities assists in the development of leadership abilities both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Leadership Safari is comprised of two main components: speaker showcases and Safari teamwork.
  • The program has grown in popularity and demand from 65 participants in 1997 to 1,852 in 2013.

To learn more about Leadership Safari, click here​.