Jonathan Schuler
​​Jonathan Schuler

Graduate Student
Master of Public Administration

Hometown: West Bloomfield, Mich.

Meet Jonathan, a master of public administration student at CMU. Jonathan is interested in pursuing a law degree to work in international relations.

Jonathan has been at CMU since he started his undergraduate journey in 2007. He says he decided to continue his education in CMU’s graduate school because Central’s campus feels like home. “It’s so familiar to me now. There are a lot of opportunities I had at CMU that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. For me, it’s the perfect fit.”

One foot forward. “I’ve had some of the same experiences that I had as an undergraduate, but it’s definitely a different course load. It’s a lot more reading and writing, but I’ve had a great transition from undergraduate to graduate.”

One step further. “My program is putting me in touch with so many people. A lot of the professors I had in undergraduate I now work with. It’s allowing me the opportunity to network in ways that I’ll be able to use in any career, but especially public administration.”

One step ahead. “I think the challenge of it all has been an awesome experience. I feel more prepared to go out and work professionally just from that experience of having to change my lifestyle. I think it was a great decision for me to make.”


CMU graduate students taking that next step

Highlights of CMU’s Graduate Studies include:

  • Nearly 50 years of experience in offering graduate degrees
  • Currently more than 70 graduate degree programs at the master’s, specialist and doctoral levels
  • A new two-building CMU Graduate Housing Complex which includes a fully equipped fitness center and one large meeting room
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