Julie Claveau

Chippewa Marching Band Drum Major

Hometown: Scottville, Mich.

Meet Julie, a senior pursuing a degree in elementary education and early childhood development. Julie, who has been involved in marching band for 11 years, was chosen to be drum major for the Chippewa Marching Band —the fourth female drum major in the band’s 91-year history.

One of the reasons Julie is so passionate about the marching band is that she gets the opportunity to promote team pride to the entire CMU community through her love of music. “Music was a big turning point for me. Ever since I realized other people love it just as much as I do, I’ve been hooked. It’s amazing the things that music can do for people.”

A leader of CMU spirit. “The band is of huge importance to CMU Chippewa pride and culture. We get to bring people together, enjoy music and provide the spirit on game day while getting the students involved in it.”

Falling into tradition. “Every single game I get chills up and down my spine. One of the sayings we have is ‘hearts on fire, mind on ice.’ Our hearts are on fire for the team, supporting the crowd and getting everyone pumped for the game.”

A sense of family on the field. “The best part is getting to know other students and seeing them perform at their best. We’re all so dedicated. Whether it’s cold or it’s hot, we get a chance to do what we love to do. It’s hard work, but it’s a lot of fun.”


CMU students marching on

Highlights of the Chippewa Marching Band include:

  • The 2013 season marks the 91st season of the Chippewa Marching Band.
  • Though some elements have been updated and the order of music has been altered to accommodate stadium changes, the basic format of the traditional pregame show, with music arranged by band member Norman C. Dietz, has been unchanged since 1960.
  • More than 280 proud Marching Chips work to bring the Chippewa Spirit to every game and to “play with the heart of a true champion.”

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