Marie Reimers

SGA President

Hometown: Saginaw, Mich.

Meet Marie, the 2013-2014 Student Government Association President. Marie, who represents the interests and concerns of the student body, triple majors in women's studies, political science and sociology. She has an interest in nonprofit advocacy for women’s issues and hopes to pursue law school at New York University in order to get there.

Marie says that the leadership role she’s taken at CMU is a testament to the values the university community instills in its students. “In high school, I was not a successful student. I was never the one who stepped up before I came here, and I think that’s indicative of how CMU can shape any sort of person into a leader.”

Sharing the stage. “Being SGA President, and being a leader on campus, means I have to hold myself to not only my own standards but the standards of CMU’s student population. As a leader, I’m passionate about helping people find their voice, so I would rather amplify student voices rather than speak over them.”

Establishing rapport with others. “My favorite part about being SGA President is getting to meet so many different people. Also, I’m starting to understand how the university works from a governmental perspective. I think that’s very interesting.”

Inspiring others to step up. “CMU fosters leadership by having so many opportunities for so many different people. It doesn’t matter what field you’re interested in, CMU has something here for you to find and become a leader.”



CMU students taking charge

Highlights of the CMU’s leadership initiatives include:

  • The CMU Leadership Institute functions as the coordinating body for the university's present and future leadership-related activities and programming, providing students and members of the community with opportunities to continually enhance their leadership skills.
  • The Leader Advancement Scholarship awards $2,000 annually to 40 outstanding high school seniors who have distinguished themselves through a record of leadership and service.
  • Leadership Safari provides an opportunity for incoming students to learn how to be academically successful at CMU and demonstrates how involvement in campus activities assists in the development of leadership abilities both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • The Leadership minor is a 24-credit-hour interdisciplinary program that educates students about leadership and prepares them to acquire leadership positions in their community and profession.

To learn more about CMU’s leadership initiatives, click here.