Marissa Martinie

Marissa Martinie 
Hudsonville, Michigan

Interior design major
with a minor in construction management

What are you doing this summer?

This summer I am working alongside Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity as the AmeriCorps construction associate in Holland. Along with involvement in three new home constructions, I will be integrating a Habitat for Humanity International community development strategy, “A Brush with Kindness,” to Lakeshore Habitat for the first time.

What is "A Brush with Kindness?"

"A Brush with Kindness" is a part of our Neighborhood Revitalization program that provides exterior painting and landscaping projects to qualifying families. The program will not only improve the curb appeal of homes, but will work to solve any code violations and safety hazards found on the exterior. My goal is to create a program manual and complete a few of these projects by the end of August.

Why did you choose to work with Habitat for Humanity?

I have volunteered at the Isabella County Habitat for Humanity before, and I decided to contact the Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity so I could volunteer there over the summer. I really wanted to gain some experience in building and designing for low-income families who are in need. I want to help families with my designs after I graduate.