Molly Frechen
​​Molly Frechen

Career Services

Hometown: Fowler, Mich.

Meet Molly, co-coordinator of the Mock Interview program and intern at CMU’s Career Services. Molly is a human resources management major who aspires to be a corporate recruiter for human resources in her future.

Already, Molly has been offered several internship and job opportunities because of the preparation and experience she received through being involved in Career Services. “I think the definition of a quality education is preparing you for the professional world and every program at Career Services helps do that.”

Learning to sell yourself. “Career Services really gets you prepared and exposed to things you’ll be asked in an interview. It puts you in the right direction and gives you the resources that future employers are looking for.”

Peers offering constructive criticism. “It’s sometimes nerve-racking to get interviewed by someone because you know you’re being judged, but it’s less daunting to get that practice through Career Services because it’s a peer doing it. We’re on your level.”

Standing out from the crowd. “It’s very beneficial for students because they get a head start in front of the competition. If we can get students looking for internships early on, they’ll be far ahead of everyone else.”


CMU gets students prepared to pursue their future

Highlights of CMU’s Career Services program include:

  • Career Services’ REACH Advisor Program is the only one of its kind, serving as a model for similar programs at many universities across the nation
  • The Mock Interview Program conducts more than 2,000 behavioral-based interviews annually, with 37 peers to complete face-to-face and Skype interviews
  • The 2012-2013 Employer Spotlight introduced students to more than 20 employers with business internship and employment positions to fill

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