Tia Hall
​​Tia Hall


Hometown: Inkster, Mich.

Meet Tia, a neuroscience major who is conducting research on Alzheimer’s disease. Tia wants to get a doctorate to conduct human research, which is the final leg of research before it becomes a treatment.

Tia never imagined that she would be interested in neuroscience, but once she discovered the power of research she was hooked. “There’s never a day you come into the lab and don’t learn something new. That’s what I love about it.”

Identifying your passion. “The brain is so magnificent and so mysterious. There’s so much to learn and discover.”

Evaluating your opportunities. “What you learn in class is book work, but in the lab you get to apply it to make that connection to the real world.”

Drawing a conclusion on the future. “It’s devastating to see how Alzheimer’s disease can mentally take someone from you even though they’re still physically there. The research I’m conducting could lead to potential treatments.”



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Highlights of CMU’s Neuroscience program include:

  • CMU has the first neuroscience undergraduate degree program in Michigan
  • Expert and award-winning faculty who serve as mentors and advisers
  • Undergraduate research opportunities, including on-campus grant and fellowship programs
  • Professional development, resources and contacts through student organizations such as the Student Neuroscience Society

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