Ty Hicks

Ty Hicks  
Jackson, Michigan

Political science major
with minors in philosophy and American Sign Language

What have you been doing this summer?

I am participating in the inaugural Professional Advancement Fellowship hosted by Students for Liberty in Washington, D.C. I’ve been placed at the Students for Liberty office in the data and measurement department.

What kind of experience are you gaining?

I work with a lot of different computer programs at my placement. A lot of nonprofit organizations and businesses in the private sector use these same programs, so it’s interesting to learn about them. In addition to these skills, I have grown my professional network with many others who work in the department or who also are in the fellowship.

How did you hear about the program?

I am very involved with the liberty movement and heard about the fellowship through those channels. During the past three semesters, I founded three pro-liberty initiatives on campus.

What programs did you found?

I started University Libertarians, a Young Americans for Liberty chapter and a Liberty in North Korea rescue team. I also was the Michigan State Chair for Young Americans for Liberty. In one semester I was able to form six YAL chapters in Michigan, not including the one at CMU.