Alternative Breaks
Danielle Tate  

Danielle Tate

CMU alumna Danielle Tate went on three Alternative Breaks to Philadelphia, Memphis and San Antonio throughout her time as an undergraduate.

While engaging in service, Danielle says she worked with babies and children living in a shelter where their mothers were recovering from substance abuse. “I learned how blessed I am. I learned to be grateful for all that I have,” Danielle said.

Danielle says in one situation, a mother had abandoned her newborn baby at the shelter. Despite the women having their own children to take care of, the other mothers worked together to care for the newborn. Danielle says seeing individuals work with such a passion and commitment to better the lives of others paved the way for her future career.

“Alternative Breaks changed me as a person,” Danielle said. “It has guided my choices and made me think more critically about social issues, showing me how I can make my passion for helping others a career.”