Apparel Design
Natalie Schild

“CMU is a large university where you will meet people from all over the country and even the world,” says Natalie Schild, ’05. “I loved the sense of community that came with being a CMU student. There were so many ways to get involved, with intramural sports and other student activities and clubs.”

Natalie, a CMU alumna who earned her degree in apparel merchandising and design, says she grew as a professional during her time at CMU. Now, working for Target as senior textile designer, Natalie says the collaborative skills she learned while becoming a leader in CMU’s AMD program helped prepare her for a career as a designer.

“In the design field you work with many partners to achieve the final product,” Natalie said. “Being flexible and adaptable is something I learned while taking part in group projects at CMU.”

When it comes to advice for CMU students who wish to have a successful career in design, Natalie has one piece of advice: intern!

“Internships are the key to success in textile design and apparel design,” Natalie says. “Try to get as many internship experiences as possible before you graduate. Employers value experience in the field!”