Athletic Training

​Jeremy Marra

Jeremy Marra, ’06, currently works as a staff athletic trainer at The University of Michigan. However, he considers his experience serving as a medical team member for Team USA at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London the highlight of his career so far. Jeremy says he wouldn’t have had the experience were it not for his time at CMU.

“CMU introduced me to working with athletes with disabilities through Special Olympics Michigan,” Jeremy says.

“From there, I worked my way through various national and international events and was eventually selected to represent our nation at the largest sporting event in the world for athletes with disabilities. It was a life changing experience, and I would not have been given this opportunity without my experiences at CMU.”

As an athletic training major at CMU, Jeremy says he learned many lessons that he uses in his everyday life, but one of his most noteworthy lessons is to never give up.

“I remember how hard I had to work to get through my major,” Jeremy says. “I am reminded of that when I deal with difficult situations now, whether it is with a coach, a supervisor, or even in my personal life. I remember that I worked hard to become an athletic trainer. I remember it is worth it to overcome.”

Piet Van Zant

Piet Van Zant graduated from CMU in 1993 with a degree in athletic training. Now, as the head athletic trainer for the Detroit Red Wings, Piet says he’s put what he learned in his course work to use in his current job responsibilities.

“The practical knowledge learned from working with certified athletic trainers during clinical rotations at CMU was immeasurable,” Piet says. “Learning how to work with injured athletes, physicians and coaches is something that cannot be taught in a classroom. I feel as though we received a real taste of what our profession would entail.”

During his time at CMU, Piet says one of his favorite things about the campus was its size. “You could easily walk to wherever you needed to go,” Piet said. “The class sizes and the excellent professors also helped to make my education challenging yet enjoyable.”

For current and incoming athletic training students, Piet recommends every student immerse themselves in the opportunities offered at Central so they come out of the program prepared for the next step in their career.

“Learn everything you can,” Piet says. “Spend extra time in your labs, talk with the certified athletic trainers who oversee the teams you conduct your clinical rotation with and take as many extra courses and seminars as possible. You can never have too many tools in your toolbox.”​​​​