Allison Anker

Allison Anker graduated from CMU in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Education, majoring in Language Arts and minoring in Planned Program. Now, Allison can be found in Laveen, Ariz. as a 7th grade General Education teacher at Rogers Ranch Elementary School. Allison says she owes her success to the preparation she received from CMU’s education program.

“One thing I learned at CMU that prepared me for my career was acquired knowledge on behavior management,” Allison said. “Not only was I exposed to a variety of behavior management systems, I also had the opportunity to practice them throughout my cohorts and in student teaching. This was a huge asset that helps me in the classroom today.”

In addition to a great education, Allison loved the opportunity to branch out and meet other students.

“My favorite thing about being a student at Central was the amazing opportunities I had for networking and meeting people,” says Allison. “I loved being a part of the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority on CMU's campus.”


Blake Buzard

“CMU's teacher education program without a doubt prepares you for life after graduation,” says Blake Buzard, class of 2012.

“CMU's required field work puts you in so many situations that develop your skills as a teacher. By the time you graduate, you have already been in the classroom, which makes starting your career that much less intimidating.” Blake, who received his degree in Elementary Education with a major in Social Studies and a Minor in Integrated Science, was hired at Renaissance Academy as the full-time Technology Teacher for grades K-8.

Blake says in addition to getting a great education at CMU, he also developed great relationships with his professors and fellow students on campus. His piece of advice for CMU education students is to treat every situation as a new opportunity.

“Every thing you do opens new doors, and provides new experiences, that you may enjoy but have never considered. Good luck! Everything you have been working for is just around the corner!”​​