Study Abroad
Emily Marvosh

Emily Marvosh

Imagine yourself in Vienna, immersing yourself into a brand new culture. Emily Marvosh, ’03, did more than just imagine herself in Vienna: she spent a semester studying abroad there in 2002.

“It opened my mind and my worldview and made me think differently about many things,” Emily says of her time studying abroad. “It also clarified things about myself that I seemed always to have known, like my passion for urban landscapes and my commitment to the performing arts.”

Emily, a vocal performance major, traveled to Budapest, Prague, Italy, Switzerland and Germany throughout her semester abroad. While improving her German language skills, Emily says she also learned to adjust to new cultures and surroundings in a short amount of time — a useful skill for her career as a freelance classical singer.

“Until I studied abroad, I was hesitant to pursue a performing career, thinking that it wasn’t practical because I didn’t see anyone around me doing it,” Emily said. “In Vienna, I realized that there was so much hunger for music performances that there actually was enough work to go around if I wanted it badly enough. And I did. And I do!”

For all students who are nervous about studying abroad, Emily says to take the leap.

“Go!” Emily said. “This may be the only time in your life when you have few responsibilities and can fully immerse yourself in a new place. Or, it may be the beginning of a lifelong passion for travel. I looked at the world differently when I came back; it’s very important to expose oneself to different cultures and ideas.”