Larry Joe Campbell 

Larry Joe Campbell

Did you know that Larry Joe Campbell, accomplished actor who has appeared in movies like “Killers,” “Hall Pass” and “Wedding Crashers,” is a CMU Chippewa? Larry, who graduated from CMU in 1992 as a dual major in Theatre Interpretation and Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, has been active in the entertainment industry since 1999. Larry is best known for his role as Andy in the ABC sitcom “According to Jim.”

“I’m not sure everyone realizes what a gem we have in the theater department at CMU,” Larry said. “From the faculty members, to the facilities like Bush Theatre and Theatre on the Side, they’re not just teaching acting; they’re teaching theater.”

Larry says CMU’s programs, like the Summer Theatre program, help to prepare young aspiring actors for the competitive nature of the entertainment business.

“For many, it is the first professional experience CMU students have and it lays a strong foundation for a career in this business,” Larry said. “CMU Summer Theatre remains strong, and it should.”