Britteny Howell

Britteny Howell, ’05

Adjunct Faculty with Northern Kentucky University

“CMU was the perfect-sized school for me,” says Britteny Howell, ’05. “I felt that I received personal attention in my classes and access to amazing opportunities, but the school wasn’t so small that I felt limited in any way.”

Britteny majored in anthropology during her time at CMU, where she felt her academic training helped prepare her for her future career as an adjunct faculty member with Northern Kentucky University and Gateway Community and Technical College.

“The anthropology department has the biological anthropology lab, forensic anthropology classes and several lab classes that were particularly important for my work,” Britteny says. “The hands-on experiences I received at CMU identifying and analyzing human skeletal remains were invaluable for my career in academia.”

She says her idea to be an unpaid undergraduate teaching assistant for Charles Hastings prepared her to advise and tutor students at her current institution — it also led to the introduction of a teaching assistant program for undergraduates at CMU that continues to this day.

For current or future anthropology students, Britteny suggests broadening academic horizons with a double major or double minor.

“Although anthropology is extremely important and valuable, many employers are unaware of the far-reaching effects and impacts of anthropology,” Britteny said. “We need to be able to demonstrate that we can work in related fields and apply our anthropological training to many diverse, real-world experiences.”