Graduate Studies
Keith Taylor  

Keith Taylor

When discussing his experience at CMU, Keith Taylor says he made “very good friends who have sustained me both personally and professionally. I am still in contact with one or another of these people almost daily.”

Keith graduated from Central Michigan University in 1982, earning a master of arts in English with a creative writing concentration. Through his course work and being a graduate assistant, Keith learned to teach — which he says has “become my income and job security.” Now, as collegiate lecturer in English and coordinator of undergraduate creative writing at the University of Michigan, Keith says his CMU experience has stayed with him to this day.

“In the time I was there, the faculty mixed freely with the students both professionally and personally,” Keith says. “It made us all feel as if we were part of the same effort.”

He still feels absolutely welcome in the city whenever he visits.

“To this day, I am impressed with the warmth of the welcome I received and often wish we could replicate it here at the University of Michigan,” Keith said. “I certainly feel very comfortable in Mount Pleasant whenever I return.”