Andrea K. Barnes

Business Activities Specialist for the Department of Defense – Air Forces in Europe and Africa

Before Andrea Barnes started her job as business activities specialist for the Department of Defense — Air Forces in Europe and Africa, she was a hospitality major at CMU. Andrea, a 2002 graduate, says she established many of the lasting friendships that she still holds dear to this day at CMU.

“At CMU, I learned to build great relationships that last forever,” Andrea said. “The students in the hospitality services administration program were all very close, and I still keep in contact with several of my classmates.”

Andrea says so far in her career, she is most proud of the opportunity she had to move overseas and work in a foreign country. Currently living and working in Ramstein, Germany, she believes she owes it all to the networking she did during a hospitality job fair at CMU.

“I went to the fair with the hospitality group and managed to get the job partly in thanks to recommendations from Gary Gagnon,” Andrea said. “That just shows how caring the staff at CMU is. I have kept in contact with Gary for more than 12 years.”

When it comes to advice for current and future students, Andrea says it’s all about making the most out of the opportunities provided to you at CMU.

“Enjoy your time at CMU and take advantage of all of the opportunities you are presented,” Andrea said. “Make sure to go to the career fairs, the conferences and any hospitality trips that are offered. You can meet future employers and make great contacts for the future at these events.”