Marching Band
Ahmad Bajjey

Ahmad Bajjey, ‘14
Weekend Meteorologist and Weekday Reporter at NBC25

Ahmad Bajjey, a meteorology major, has yet to graduate from CMU. However, he says he’s already raising the bar. Ahmad is currently employed as the weekend meteorologist and weekday reporter at NBC25 in Flint.

“I never thought I would be where I am right now this fast,” Ahmad says of his journey so far. “This is a dream I feel like I haven’t woken up from yet. CMU gave me so many chances to try something new that I realized that I can really do anything.”

One of the things Ahmad was involved in during his time at CMU was the Chippewa Marching Band, where he played the alto saxophone for four years. In his last year as part of the Marching Band, Ahmad became a section leader, an experience he says prepared him for speaking in front of the camera at NBC25.

“I went to my interview with the skills to perform,” Ahmad said. “Being a section leader in the Chippewa Marching Band helped me with public speaking, but it also taught me to know when I’ve said enough. Being in the band helps you block out the stadium a bit and focus on your specific job, and that’s what I do every day at work.”

As far as his favorite experiences as part of the Chippewa Marching Band, Ahmad says he’ll never forget the run onto the field for pregame.

“The fans are screaming, the video is on the Jumbotron and the energy is just overwhelming,” Ahmad said. “When you start coming out onto the field to the beat of the drums, you get this feeling like ‘this is our house.’ It’s such a rush.”



Chris Fenner

Chris Fenner, '12
U.S. Army Bandsperson

“It’s some of the most fun you could ever have with some really great people,” says Chris Fenner, ’12, regarding his time in the Chippewa Marching Band. “Most of my greatest moments in college were part of or because of being a Marching Chip.”

Chris spent five years as a member of the Chippewa Marching Band. As a music major during his time at CMU, his experience with the Marching Band helped to prepare him for his future career as a U.S. Army Bandsperson.

“Marching ceremonies are the core of our job in Army Bands,” Chris said. “It’s the reason we exist. My time as a Marching Chip taught me a lot of the fundamentals of my profession as well as introduced me to formal leadership structures.”

One of the best parts about being involved in the Marching Band, according to Chris, was the bond he created with a large number of people who share a passion for all things maroon and gold.

“I still feel a bond with my fellow Marching Chips, past and present,” Chris said. “Whether its alumni from the ‘60s or current freshmen who I haven’t met yet, we all share a common experience — love for the band and our alma mater. It was the first time I ever really felt dedicated to an organization; the band, the team and the school. I learned what it is to be brothers with so many.”