Black History Month 2021

February 11​: State of Our Culture with Rakim


Major hip-hop originator and rap innovator Rakim is coming to CMU to cover Music, Business, and Life in his seminar. Rakim is recognized as one of the most influential MCs and rappers from the start of b-boys. His presence offers students and the community an opportunity to engage with someone whose perspective on social justice and racial restoration come from lived experience in NYC, the birthplace of rap. Esteemed, successful, insightful, and generous about sharing his knowledge, Rakim will welcome questions during the presentation, which can be submitted through registration.

The virtual seminar will take place Thursday, Feb. 11. Participants may choose from the 11 a.m. session, "Sweat the Technique", with the School of Music, and the 12:30 p.m. session, "The Business of Music" with the School of Business. CMU alumnus Deontae Gardner, known by his rap name Cassius Tae, co-facilitates this collaboration between ODE, MASS, the School of Music, and the CBA.

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February 16​: Soup & Substance: Revisiting the Vote, Now What?

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Join David Rutledge, CMU's Robert and Majorie Griffin Endowed Chair in American Government, for an in depth discussion about the 2020 election and what's next. A political pioneer and advocate for government civility, Rutledge represented Michigan's 54th District in the State House of Representatives from 2011 to 2016. Rutledge sees the value of American citizens paying attention, getting involved and trying to make a difference within the political process. In his Griffin Chair position, he heads up the effort to encourage members of the CMU community to be politically aware and active.

On Tuesday, Feb. 16, from 12-1 p.m. Rutledge will continue his effort and join the Office of Diversity Education live on WebEx for the Black History Month installment of the Soup & Substance series: Revisiting the Vote, Now What? 

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Black History Month Calendar

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