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Association of American Colleges and Universities

AAC&U has provided national leadership on the issue of diversity in higher education since 1971. AAC&U's current work in this area focuses primarily on deploying diversity as an educational asset for all students, and preparing future graduates for socially responsible engagement in a diverse democracy and interdependent world. Both are key elements of a quality liberal education. AAC&U has created a community of institutions committed to making diversity an integral part of educational excellence and civic engagement.

ACE's Center for Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Equity

ACE's Center for Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Equity (CAREE, pronounced "care") has achieved recognition as a leading force within the academic community for articulating the importance of diversity and inclusion at all levels of higher education.

Center for Policy Analysis

The Center for Policy Analysis conducts research and convenes researchers and policy makers to study issues of interest to ACE members, the media, and the higher education community. Current activities of the Center focus on student financial aid, demographic trends in higher education, academic preparation for college, and the college presidency, among other topics.

Teaching Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center)

As one of the nation's leading providers of anti-bias education resources, we reach hundreds of thousands of educators and millions of students annually through our award-winning "Teaching Tolerance" magazine, multimedia teaching kits, online curricula, professional development resources like our Teaching Diverse Students Initiative and special projects like Mix It Up at Lunch Day. These materials are provided to educators at no cost.

CMU Latino Alumni Chapter on Facebook

CMU African-American Alumni Constituent Chapter:  Lynn Garrett

World's major religions and their major holy days , including links to other religion sites


The Human Rights Committee (HRC) was established in 2008 by the Isabella County Board of Commissioners. Its purpose is to review and recommend action on issues and concerns related to Human Rights.


Mt. Pleasant Area Diversity Group

We are here to serve the Mt. Pleasant community and encourage all interested individuals to get involved in making this a more welcoming environment for all people. The Mt. Pleasant Area Diversity Group employs a community based inclusive approach to foster and promote acceptance and appreciation of diversity. The group is committed to actively challenging the obstacles that inhibit the community's ability to respect, value and be sensitive to diversity.