Access/Full Participation

Central Michigan University seeks to ensure that all of our programs and institutional events and commitments are open to all constituencies of students, staff, faculty, community members, employees and participants.  As an institution of higher learning committed to discovery and new knowledge, we recognize that excellence comes from the broadest diversity of individuals being fully a part of all of our institutional endeavors.  This commitment is expressed in our non-discrimination statement.


To achieve creative and inclusive campus professional and learning environments, we look to interact with a wide variety of organizations and institutions across the world and in a wide variety of disciplines and contexts.  We seek to be part of the research conversation and exemplars of cutting-edge practice in diversity, equity, and inclusion.


We can only achieve real diversity, equity, and inclusion by working together.  A number of councils and committees strive to assist CMU to live up to its aspirations to be a model institution that fully realizes the tremendous power of true diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Everyone has more to learn across human difference.  We are a dynamic community that is always developing new intercultural skills and social practices and seeking to ensure that all members of the community are fully respected and able to both learn from each other as well as fully be themselves.


We are committed to being data-driven in our efforts, to both understand how and why we can advance our levels of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We seek to be a presence at a variety of conferences and symposia, to participate in grant development and publication, and to be recognized leaders in the field.


In order to achieve our goals, we expect all of our faculty, staff, and students to participate in these efforts and to document their progress.  This includes our general education requirements of all students, our annual performance dialogues for all staff and our department by-laws that govern promotion and tenure for our faculty.