Advisory Council to Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

Human Resources

  • Lori Hella, Associate Vice President/Human Resources
  • Cali Clark, Director Employment Svcs. & Compensation
  • Erin Christian, Asst. Director Employment Svcs.
  • Kristen Skiver, HR Consultant Employment Svcs.
  • Kevin Smart, Director Employee Relations
  • Amy Thering, Mgr. Student Employment
  • Jessica Courtright, HR Consultant Employment Svcs.

Faculty Personnel Services
  • Dennis Armistead, Executive Director, FPS
  • Scott Hoffman, Director, Faculty Employee Relations
  • Kendra Huckins, Asst. Director FPS
  • Ann Miller, Director, Faculty Employment and Compensation
Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity
  • Mary Martinez - Interim Executive Dir./OCREI & Title IX Coordinator
College of Medicine
  • Georgette Russell, Asst. Dean/Faculty & Staff Affairs/CMED
  • Sarah Whitman, Coordinator/Faculty & Staff Affairs/CMED
General Counsel
  • Manuel Rupe, Senior Assoc. Dean/Legal Affairs/CMED
Licensure, Regulatory Services and Human Capital
  • Shellie Lynn Haut Root - Executive Director
Faculty + Diversity & Inclusion Fellow
  • Veronica Barone, Faculty - Physics
Office for Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Mimi Gonzalez-Barillas, Diversity Communications Specialist
  • Helen Egwu, Diversity Graduate Assistant