Robert Newby Award for Diversity Efforts

The fund recognizes the diversity-­‐related work completed by up to three undergraduate student projects and one graduate student project per year with an award of $250.00 for each project. The activity must be linked to a credit-­‐bearing academic experience at CMU which involves research, creative activity and/or the application of findings. The activity can take a variety of forms as long as it is done as part of a credit-­‐bearing experience at CMU. Examples of eligible activities include, but are not limited to, a research paper, an internship, or a study abroad experience. Extra-­‐curricular activities like participation in an RSO whose aim is to promote diversity and social justice or an Alternative Spring Break (if it involves working with a population whose background is different than the student’s) could also be used, but only if a faculty member agrees to using the activity as the basis for a course assignment (for example, a paper or report related to the class topic).

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