Did you know?

Jim Felton Advanced Class
  • CMU is listed in the Top 100 for gay- and lesbian-friendly schools.
  • Chinese is the second most widely spoken non-English language in the U.S. Spanish is first.
  • Minorities are expected to become the majority of the U.S. population in 2042 (currently they’re one-third). By 2023, minorities will comprise more than half of all children.
  • There are approximately 15 million people of Asian heritage in the U.S.
  • As of July 2006, the estimated Hispanic population of the U.S. was 44 million, making people of Hispanic origin the nation’s largest ethnic minority.
  • There are 2.4 million African American and 1 million Hispanic veterans in the U.S. armed forces (2007).
  • California has the highest American Indian and Alaskan Native population in the nation.
  • Thirty-eight percent of females 16 or older work in management, professional and related occupations, compared to 32 percent of males (2007).
  • Sixteen percent of the Michigan population live with disabilities.
  • The racial composition of Michigan (2005-2007):
    • White 79.6%
    • Black or African American 14.1%
    • Asian 2.3%
    • Other 1.7%
    • American Indian and Alaskan Native 0.5%
  • CMU is listed in the top 100 for awarding bachelor's and master's degrees to Native Americans for the 2007-2008 academic year.
  • CMU is ranked in the top 10 for conferring master's degrees to African Americans for the 2007-2008 academic year.
Sources: Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, Seminole Community College, and U.S. Census Bureau