Strategic Plan

The 2008 Strategy Plan for Advancing Diversity: Blueprint for the 21st Century and Beyond

Implementation of a diversity agenda is a critical dimension of Central Michigan University’s pursuit of excellence and preeminence. Just as our community and workforce are changing, so are our students, faculty, staff, administrators, and stakeholders. To become the institution of choice, CMU must respond with a diversity agenda that is proactive and aggressive. Diversity is not about meeting government mandates; it is about recognizing that an institutional culture of empowerment and inclusion has a positive impact on institutional performance and student learning.

For CMU’s agenda to be successful, the university must have leadership which understands and is committed to diversity. These individuals must be accountable for increasing and supporting diversity as an institutional priority and be willing to implement the processes and exhibit the behaviors necessary for attaining both short- and long-term diversity goals. They must also realize that multiculturalism involves continuous experimentation, assessment, and innovation, some of which require taking risks. It is only through this type of transformation that institutional gains in the diversity agenda can be made.

Though achieving diversity requires the collaborative efforts of individuals throughout the university, the Office of Institutional Diversity serves a leading role in promoting an institutional culture that values and supports diversity. The office‘s services and programs instill an appreciation for what pluralism can contribute to the university community through proactive administration and appropriate accountability. The office collaborates with offices across campus to strengthen existing activities and initiate new programs that facilitate meeting CMU’s diversity goals.

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