Campus Race to Zero Waste

The Campus Race to Zero Waste is a national competition in which schools and universities compete to reduce waste, which started Jan. 31 and concludes March 27. Last year, CMU placed third in the Game Day Challenge, and this year, we are hoping to place even higher in all categories.


The categories we are participating in for the 2021 season are:
  • Case study residential hall competition
  • Game Day - Basketball
  • Overall waste reduction, which includes mixed papers and cardboard, mixed bottles and cans, compost, and trash.
As part of Campus Race to Zero Waste promotion, we are doing three waste audits on campus. We're excited to participate this year and continue to promote sustainability at CMU. 

For more information, you can visit the RecycleMania website. If you have any questions, please reach out to or



Check out some recycling tips we compiled for Campus Race to Zero Waste. These tips will be shared on CMU's social media leading up to the competition!

2021 CMU Recycling Tips.pptx

Taken from the Sustainable Living Guide, this recycling guide details what can and can't be recycled, according to the Isabella County Recycling Center.

recyclemania guide.jpg