Mobile Phones

​​​​While we expect the account upgrade process to go very smoothly, the sheer number and variety of mobile devices available means​​​​​ that some devices may encounter unexpected behavior immediately following the transition. In many cases, the device will pick up the new settings in a short period of time, at which point email and calendar synchronization will resume automatically.

If your device does not begin receiving new email within 30 minutes of your account migration, we recommend that you delete and recreate the email profile on your phone. If you are in your office during your migration time, we will have technicians on hand to assist you with this, but you may be out of the office or prefer to do it yourself. The steps to remove your account vary by device:

  • iOS: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts > Delete
  • Android varies by device. In many cases: Settings > Accounts > Select account > Remove account
  • Windows Phone: Settings > Email + accounts > Press and hold on account > Delete​
Once your account is removed, it is a simple matter to recreate it. To do so, please visit our Office 365 mobile device configuration knowledge base article​.

If you would like to have a physical copy available for reference, you can download the Office 365 Phone Configuration Guide​ (PDF).