Oral English Competency Examination

Students who wish to satisfy the Oral English Competency Requirement by successfully completing the Oral English Competency Test must pass the exam by the time they have completed 56 hours of academic credit.

Students who transfer 56 or more credit hours to CMU must take the competency examination on the first test date following the conclusion of their first semester at CMU.  This means that students entering in the fall semester must take the January exam and those entering in the spring semester must take the August exam.

The Oral English Competency examination includes the development and delivery of a 10-15 minute public speech accompanied by a properly typewritten or word-processed, detailed outline.  The student will deliver the speech to a hypothetical audience and will be evaluated by a judge.

Exam results are reported in writing through email to the student.  Students who receive notice of unsatisfactory examination results will be allowed to retest.  A student may retest only once.  Students who fail the Oral English Competency Examination twice must enroll in one of the Oral English Competency courses. A student may retest only if they have less than 56 hours of academic credit.

For On-Campus Students

The Oral English Competency Examination is administered twice a year on the Friday prior to the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.  Guidelines, registration materials, and fee information may be obtained by contacting the Certified Testing Center, located in Park Library, Room 319 or by phone at (989) 774-1092.

You must submit the registration form and payment at least two weeks prior to the test date. Payment may be made at the Certified Testing Center by check, credit card, debit card, or money order. No cash accepted.

Additional information on the evaluation criteria, outline examples, resources and citing sources is available via links in the right-hand column on this page.

Note: Registration form and proof of payment are required before you will be registered for the exam.

For Off-Campus Students

Contact your Off-Campus Academic Advisor for more information.