Proctoring Services Non-CMU Students

CMU's Certified Testing Center (CTC) is nationally certified and welcomes non-CMU students.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who is considered a non-CMU student?

Students who are not enrolled at CMU whether on-campus, off-campus or through global campus.  CMU students who are interested in having their exams proctored must contact Proctoring Services in the Park Library at (989) 774-4461.

What is a proctored exam?

A proctored exam is overseen by an impartial individual (a proctor) who monitors a student during an exam.

What does a proctor do?
Our proctors ensure the security and integrity of the exam process are upheld as outlined in the NCTA certification standards.

Why would an instructor choose to give proctored exams?
Giving a proctored exam helps ensure the security of the exam process.

·What are the responsibilities of a proctor?

  • Receive exam instructions, which are sent to the proctor several days before the testing window opens.
  • Ensure all the necessary technologies are available and working.
  • For paper-based exams (paper/pencil), download the exam from the secure server (using their own username/password) and print the exam before the student arrives.
  • Ensure the identity of test takers by requiring a photo ID with signature, such as a valid student ID Card, state-issued driver's license, or state-issued ID. (Students who do not provide the proper ID will be turned away.)
  • Follow the instructor's requirements for administering the exam, such as a time limit and inclusion/exclusion of books, calculators, notes, etc.
  • Maintain proximity with and monitor the student during the test-taking period to ensure the student does not use any unauthorized aids.
  • Securely store all exam materials before and after the exam. (The student may have access to the exam only during the time period allowed by the instructor.)

For paper-based exams, return the testing materials directly to the instructor via email or fax. (These instructions should be included in the exam instructions.)

What is the cost to have an exam proctored?

The fee for providing proctoring services is $30 per test.

What should I do before arriving at the CTC?

Students should:

  • Contact the Certified Testing Center to ensure software is working properly and all materials have been received from your educational institution to properly administer the exam.
  • Make parking arrangements (refer to Directions and Office Hours)
  • Ensure the method of payment is acceptable.
  • Have picture ID with signature available.
  • Check that there are no conflicts with the day/time you are scheduled to take the exam.