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The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) sponsored by the College Board affords students and prospective students the opportunity to demonstrate their academic proficiency in various general areas and specific subjects.

The minimum scores for CLEP Subject Examinations are determined by the department authorizing credit for the subject.

When a student submits evidence of achievement by CLEP, this evidence will be evaluated by the Registrar's Office with credit being granted in appropriate areas.

A. To be eligible for credit for CLEP scores, a student must have been granted regular undergraduate admission at CMU and an official score report must be on file.

B. The student may not at any time have been enrolled in the course for which credit is being sought nor in a higher level course in the same subject. A student is not considered to have been enrolled in a course if they have dropped the course during the regular drop/add period at the beginning of the semester.

C. Credit for the CLEP General Examinations in Humanities and/or Social Science/History must be taken before the first day of classes as a freshman. Credit earned through the CLEP Humanities General Examination and the CLEP Social Sciences-History General Examination may NOT be used to satisfy University Program requirements.

  • Exception: Students with concurrent high school and CMU enrollments or students who have participated in certain special vocationally oriented programs may be eligible to take these examinations. Answers to specific questions on eligibility can be obtained from the Undergraduate Academic Services Office, Warriner 112. Eligibility in individual cases will be determined by the Undergraduate Academic Services.

D. Students may receive three (3) credit hours in ENG 101 for the College Composition CLEP exam only if that examination is taken before the end of their first college semester. Transfer students may take this examination during their first semester at CMU to meet the Basic Freshman Composition requirement, but no credit will be awarded.

E. CLEP examination credit may not be used to repeat any course(s) previously taken.

F. CLEP examinations, where credit is granted, will be recorded as Credit (CR) without points.

CLEP Exams

CMU Equivalencies: View and print a list of CLEP Exams accepted by CMU, and the required scores.

CLEP Sample Tests

Sample tests can be obtained at The College Board website.
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Testing Schedule

Information and registration materials for CLEP examinations are available at the Testing Center located in Park Library, Room 319. You can schedule your appointment online by visiting the CMU Online as a Proctor webpage. A $25 administration fee is due to Central Michigan University at check-in. This can be paid through a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) or debit card.  No cash will be accepted.  For more information and to select and pay for the CLEP College Composition Examination, go to the College Board website. 

Registration Procedures

You are responsible for determining your eligibility for CLEP credit.
 CLEP tests must be purchased through the website. Once purchased, the tester will print a CLEP Admissions Ticket and bring a government issued photo ID to the testing center. The tester is also required to pay a $25 administration fee to Central Michigan University at check-in.

Please visit the CollegeBoard website for current CLEP exam fees.

Payment method: No cash will be accepted.
  • Credit Card (Visa / Master Card / American Express / Discover)
  • Checks / Money Orders 
Rescheduling: If you need to reschedule your CLEP test, please contact the Testing Center as soon as possible: 989-774-1092. 

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