A roadmap to financial well-being

College is an investment. And we know, it can be hard to see the value of higher education when panic sets in as you stare the sticker price in the face.

For many, this is all unexplored territory.

There's a way to get past that sticker shock and navigate the complex waters of paying for college to realize how affordable and valuable it really is.

It can be a scary ride. But hop on, let's do this together.

What's CMU doing to make college affordable?

Financial aid and scholarship funding to students has increased by 87 percent since 2010, with $309 million available to students. Tuition here has seen the lowest cumulative increase among all 15 state universities over the past seven years.


Lower your cost with scholarships

Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, leadership, multicultural awareness and more.

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Digital Textbook Program

That’s a fancy way of saying you can get digital copies of your textbooks and all course materials for a fraction of the cost of hardcopies.

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What can I do to lessen the financial burden?

There are lots of ways to lighten the financial load on students and save parents from depleting their nest eggs.


Invest in your future

You can manage the cost of college.

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How do I know my tuition dollars are being used to enhance my education?

Those are hard-earned dollars you're investing in tuition, and you should be able to see how they're used.


Your tuition and what it funds

Don't guess how your tuition dollars are used.

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